Saturday, October 1, 2011

Favorite Blogs

Okay, so I lied about working on my applications. Instead, here's a round up of the fashion/lifestyle blogs that I read religiously. They're basically my inspiration for this blog.

Kendi not only has adorable fashion sense, but a hilarious sense of humor as well. 

Miss James has the sweetest little family. I love reading about their adventures (and, of course, her impeccable style).

Karla, like me, has short hair. Unlike me, she has an amazing wardrobe and lives in LA. 

The name of the blog suits her: Kelly is indeed glamorous, and so is her life. She lives in NYC and seems to have an amazing, fashion-filled life.

Other blogs I recommend you check out: 

A Cup of Jo for everything from cute baby posts to her recent NYC guide.

The Sartorialist, of course, for inspiring street fashion.

The AV Club for all of your pop culture (and snark) needs. 

For Me For You if you want to see some gorgeous photography, handmade jewelry, and more.

Gala Darling for positive self-love and tons of pink and glitter.

Scouting New York for some awesome tips on interesting, little-known places in NYC from a film location scout. 

and Go Fug Yourself for a fun time discussing the best and worst of celebrity outfits. 

I'll probably put all of these in my sidebar later, but I just wanted to acknowledge the blogs that have inspired me. Did I miss any? What are your favorite blogs?

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