Monday, February 6, 2012

The Perfect Orange-Red Lipstick

I have long admired the coral lips of the J. Crew lookbook models, and always wanted to try the color myself. I can see why most people would shy away from orange-tinted lips, but I'll try anything. I have tried anything--and that includes purple lip stain from the Dollar Tree.

Also relevant is the fact that I love Emma Stone (who doesn't?). When I saw her in the ad for Revlon's new lip butter, I was a goner. When I was at Target the other day to check out the Jason Wu collection (more on that later today) I stopped to pick up the almost-$7 chapstick/lipstick hybrid in Tutti Frutti. Check out the result below while ignoring my bedhead, please:

Not the best picture ever, granted; the color is slightly more vibrant in person. It still manages not to look clownish or overdone, I swear, despite the fact that this is what it looks like in the tube:

 I only put on a little bit, which does the trick. When I asked my dad what color my lipstick was, he replied with, "Hmm... Glowing?" Not technically a color, but it works for me! Bonus: it really does go on like butter, and feels lovely.Well worth the rather ridiculous price. Has anyone else tried this out, or any of the other lip butter colors?

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